Sometimes an employer needs to ask an employee to leave the premises immediately after being informed of his or her termination.  These types of terminations can often be difficult and may result in business disruptions.  Here are six tips for employers to make this process easier:

  • Arrange the timing of the termination to minimize the risk of business disruption.
  • Conduct the termination meeting in an area that will allow the employee to leave immediately and quietly.
  • Create a checklist and make sure to collect from the employee all items that may pose security risks, such as keys, access cards, computer passwords, thumb drives, etc…
  • Arrange for a neutral individual to escort the employee off of the employer’s premises.
  • Be prepared to pay the employee his or her final wages.
  • If necessary, make arrangements for the employee to return to the premises with an escort at a time that is comfortable for him or her in order to retrieve personal belongings.

Takeaways:  Terminations in which the employee must immediately leave the premises can be difficult for any employer.  Careful planning in advance can minimize the potential for business disruptions.