The Minnesota Legislature just finished its most unproductive session in history, passing only 80 bills.  As this chart shows, that is the fewest number of bills passed in one legislative session since the Legislative Reference Library started to keep track back in 1874.
So what’s new for employers?  Nothing.  Here’s a rundown of the bills that Minnesota Employer was tracking during the 2015 session and their status:

Because the legislature did not address several key issues during the legislative session (like education), there will be a special session in the near future to tie up a few loose ends.  It’s theoretically possible that some employment law topics could be addressed during the special session, but it looks unlikely.
Takeaway:  Just because these legislative proposals did not pass in 2015 doesn’t mean that they are necessarily going away.  Remember that in 2013, there was a lot of talk about the legislature raising the minimum wage, but the minimum wage increase did not pass until 2014.