Yes – your employees are probably looking for new jobs. According to a recent article, the number of online job searches spikes in January.
The most popular day for online job searches on is the first Wednesday after New Year’s Day. On that day, there are typically 70% more online job searches than average. But it’s not just that day. Rather, reports that at least half of the most active online job search days occur in January.
Another job search site,, also reports that January is the busiest month for job-searching. recently conducted a survey, which found that 45% of U.S. adults are either actively looking for a new job or plan to do so within the next 12 months.
Employees’ interests in finding new jobs comes at a good time for them, too. In many markets, employers have more openings than they can fill, making candidates with relevant experience a valuable commodity.
Takeaway: Employers should expect that their employees may be looking elsewhere for work and should take steps to retain their most talented employees, if necessary. Conversely, for employers who are struggling to find quality candidates, now may be a good time to renew hiring efforts.