Per the Minneapolis Minimum Wage Ordinance, the minimum wage for small and large businesses will increase in the next month. Beginning  July 1, 2019, large employers, which are businesses with more than 100 employees, must pay at least $12.25 per hour to their employees. Small employers, which are businesses with 100 or fewer employees, must pay $11.00 per hour. Importantly, tips and gratuities do not affect the minimum wage an employer must pay to its employees.
In addition, the minimum wage ordinance applies to employees who perform work for two or more hours in a week within the City of Minneapolis. Therefore, even if an employer’s business is not located in Minneapolis, if it has employees working in Minneapolis, it may be subject to the minimum wage requirements.
Find employer resources related to compliance with the Minimum Wage Ordinance here.
Takeaway: The Minneapolis minimum wage increases on July 1, 2019. Employers should check their policies and payroll to ensure compliance with the new requirements.