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With winter weather arriving, many employers will soon face questions about whether certain employees are entitled to be paid when the office closes for the day or the employee can’t make it to work.
The answer is tricky when it comes to employees who are “exempt” from the normal minimum wage and overtime requirements of

Many employers use severance agreements containing confidentiality provisions, but worry about how enforceable such provisions are.  According to a recent case, they are very enforceable.
The case of Hallmark Cards, Inc. v. Murley, 703 F.3d 456 (8th Cir. 2013), will be very helpful to employers seeking to enforce such confidentiality provisions.  In Hallmark Cards

Recent studies have shown approximately 4.2 million to 13.4 million working employees have mental disabilities.  What is an employer to do when employees with mental disabilities exhibit disruptive conduct or threaten violence in the workplace if their conduct may be associated with their disabilities?
Employers must balance disabled employees’ legal protections with safety concerns.  These