Drug and Alcohol Testing

No – the Colorado Supreme Court recently held that because medical marijuana remains illegal under federal law, an employee’s off-duty use of prescribed medical marijuana was not protected by the state’s lawful activity statute.
In Coats v. Dish Network, the employer fired an employee who tested positive for marijuana after using medical marijuana during

It depends – Minnesota’s drug and alcohol testing statute imposes a number of conditions on an employer’s ability to terminate an employee for a positive drug or alcohol test.  Here’s what employers need to know about the statute’s requirements:

  • General Requirements for Drug Testing:  Minnesota law permits an employer to administer drug tests of employees

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently determined that claims alleging wrongful termination under the Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace statute are subject to a six-year statute of limitations in Sipe v. STS Manufacturing, Inc., No. A11-2082 (Minn. July 31, 2013).  Mr. Sipe had alleged that he was improperly terminated for a first