The settlement of a recent case brought by an in-house attorney against his former employer highlights the importance of great care in any public statements about an employee’s termination.
The case involved a public statement made by the employer (specifically statements made to a regulatory group) that, arguably, portrayed the employee’s voluntary departure as being

An amendment to Minnesota’s laws concerning the expungement of criminal records is designed to help protect employers from claims based on the conduct of their employees.
Expungement is a process authorized by statute that allows an individual to seek to have records related to prior criminal convictions or charges sealed so that they are no

A federal district court in Minnesota recently denied a motion for summary judgment seeking to dismiss a defamation claim brought by former Governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler, Jesse “The Body” Ventura.
In the lawsuit, Ventura alleges that he was defamed in a New York Times Bestseller written by former Navy Seal, Chris Kyle

Not necessarily.  The U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota recently dismissed a defamation claim that relied on accusations of blackmail and extortion in the widely publicized case of Michael Brodkorb v. State of Minnesota et al.
Michael Brodkorb formerly worked as the Communications Director for the Minnesota Senate Majority Caucus.  In December of

Unfortunately, incidents of workplace violence are increasingly common.  One major risk for employers associated with workplace violence is the potential for a negligent retention claim.
Under Minnesota law, liability for negligent retention is “predicated on the negligence of an employer in placing a person with known propensities, or propensities which should have been discovered by